Prairie Wind Alpacas
Prairie Wind Alpacas Name: PWA Napoleon

Breed Type: Huacaya

Alpaca Type: Male

Organisations Registered With: CLAA# 43823

Description: Napoleon has good fibre, conformation and genetics. He is 2 years old and very ready to start his breeding career!

Colour: Fawn

Date of Birth: June 9, 2012

                    HFLA Super Sam
          High Plains Solomon
                    HP Bonnie Heather

  High Plains Soul Seeker

                    HCLA Bolivian Mr. Know It All
          6P Pearl
                    HCLA Bolivian Opal

PWA Napoleon

                    Fibre Works Diamante
          High Plains Dynamo
                    High Plains Javianna

  PWA Paris

                    LA 3186
                    Royal Milky Way

Fleece Information
Last fibre sample May 4, 2014
AFD: 21.8
SD: 4.5
CV: 20.6